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In celebration of our 40th anniversary, the Society launched Project Mne­mo­sy­ne in Spring of 2013. The project is an effort to digitally preserve analog audio recordings of over 40 years of lectures presented to the Society. This collection includes talks by noteworthy presenters including Joseph Campbell, Jean Shinoda Bolen, Lionel Corbett, Anne de Vore, Gilda Frantz, James Hollis, Janet Dallet, Linda Leonard, Terrill Gibson, Phil Cousineau, Sonu Shamdasani, John Radecki, Bette Joram, Allan Chinen, Louise Bode, Stanley Krippner, and many other Jungian scholars.

As a part of Project Mnemosyne, we are endeavoring to make all recordings available to members for listening through our website (and select recordings available to the public). Members are advised to log in before listening, but anyone may search the collection to see what resources are available. More and more recordings will become available gradually as they are converted to digital format. Look for announcements of newly-available online recordings in the Society's regular emails.

Additional Resources

The Society captures video of all of its current lectures. Our DVD collection of past lectures is available in the library. Also, the Society's library maintains a physical collection of additional audio and video resources from many publishers and Jungian organizations. All of these resources are available in the library. As a benefit of membership, members may check them out.

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