Frequently-Asked Questions

Q: What are some of the other Jung societies in the Pacific Northwest?
A: The following organizations cater to the general public:

  • C.G. Jung Society of Olympia
  • Oregon Friends of C.G. Jung
  • C.G. Jung Society of Victoria (BC)
  • C.G. Jung Society of Vancouver (BC)

For links to these organizations' websites, please see “Affiliated Organizations”.

Q: Are there any local Jungian professional organizations?
A: The following organizations are in the greater Seattle area:

  • Jungian Psychotherapists Association
  • C.G. Jung Institute of Seattle (formerly NPIAP)
  • The New School for Analytical Psychology
  • Pacific Northwest Society of Jungian Analysts

For links to these organizations' websites, please see “Affiliated Organizations”.

Q: How can I find a list of Jungian therapists in the area? Can the Society provide such a list?
A: The Society does not currently offer such a list nor does it provide therapist recommendations. Instead, we suggest you explore the links on our “Affiliated Organizations” page.

Q: I do not have eTickets for a lecture or workshop. Can I still attend?
A: Please print your eTickets and bring them with you to our lecture or workshop to guarantee a seat. (If you received coupons in the mail as part of your Sustaining or Contributing membership, you may use the coupons in lieu of eTickets.) Tickets may be available at the door, but availability cannot be guaranteed. Avoid the risk by obtaining your eTickets online. When obtaining eTickets online, first get your member discount code under “ForMembers/LogIn/Discounts” then see “Upcoming Events” to obtain your eTickets. Thank you.

Q: I see that there is a membership level specifically for students or seniors. How do I qualify?
A: Students must have a current student ID. Seniors must be 62 years of age or more.

Q: I see that many of the books mentioned on your website are linked to Why is this? What is your relationship with Amazon?
A: The link to is a service offered in association with This arrangement benefits the Society, which earns a small commission on any purchases made, when following a direct link from our site. Our commission does not change the book's sale price—there is no additional charge to the book buyer. Thank you for helping support the Society by purchasing books from Amazon using our links.

Q: I signed up for a recurring donation on your website, but I can't find where to change it.
A: If you wish to change your recurring donation, please call us and let us know what changes you want made. Thank you.

Q: Are Jung Society lectures recorded? I missed one that I really wanted to attend.
A: Yes, current Society lectures are recorded in video and audio formats. Members may access over 40 years of recordings through the Society library and (eventually) on this website. Please see “Digital Media”.

How You Can Get Involved

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