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January 6th6:30-8:30pmFairy Tale FridaysOnlineRegister Now
January 20th 7:00-9:00pmCarolyn Baker – Humanity’s Rite of Passage in Perilous Times (Lecture)OnlineRegister Now
January 21st1:00-4:00pmCarolyn Baker – Recovering From Our Addiction to Hope (Workshop)OnlineRegister Now
February 3rd7:00-9:00pmFairy Tale FridaysOnlineRegister Now
February 4th, 11th, 18th, 25th9:00-10:30am Jungian Wisdom School Seminar: Alchemy: The Art of Transformation OnlineRegister Now
February 17th7:00-9:00pmGeneen Marie Haugen – Awakening Planetary Imagination (Lecture)OnlineRegister Now
February 18th 1:00-4:00pmGeneen Marie Haugen – Imagination and Reanimation of the World (Workshop)OnlineRegister Now
March 3rd6:30-8:30pmFairy Tale FridaysOnline Register Now
March 4th,11th,25th, April 1st9:00-10:30amJungian Wisdom School Seminars: Gnosticism for Jungians OnlineRegister Now
March 17th7:00-9:00pmDylan Hoffman – An Indigenous Depth Psychology (Lecture)OnlineRegister Now
March 18th 1:00-4:00pmDylan Hoffman – Practicing Indigeneity: Body, Ancestry, Place (Workshop)OnlineRegister Now
April 8th,15th,22nd, 29th9:00-10:30amJungian Wisdom School Seminar: The Liminal and the Luminescent OnlineRegister Now
April 21st7:00-9:00pmPaul Levy – Jung’s Profound Ideas on Evil (Lecture)OnlineRegister Now
April 22nd1:00-4:00pmPaul Levy – Unlocking the Light Hidden in the Darkness (Workshop)OnlineRegister Now
May 19th 7:00-9:00pmKesstan Blandin – The Business of Jung in the 21st Century (Lecture)OnlineRegister Now
Mary 20th 1:00-4:00pmKesstan Blandin – Jungian Assessments for Self Growth (Workshop)OnlineRegister Now

“In psychology one possesses nothing unless one has experienced it in reality.”