Scholarship Fund

Our mission is to bring Jung's ideas into the public arena to explore their relevance in contemporary times.

While Jung looked upon his psychological theories as having special relevance for the second half of life, many contemporary Jungian thinkers have suggested that Jung's ideas are in fact relevant to people of all ages, and the earlier development of symbolic reasoning might be of benefit to society as a whole.

Furthermore, dissemination of Jungian concepts among younger people is necessary for the continuation of Jungian communities, as new depth psychological explorers must be inspired to carry the torch after those who have gone before.

To invite younger generations into our community, and to make sure our public events are accessible to them, we have established a scholarship fund to enable people on a limited income to attend.

We expect scholarship funds to be used primarily for students. With your support, these funds will help make it possible for Jung's ideas to reach young people, students, and people of limited resources, helping to create the next generation of Jungians.

Please consider donating to help support this fund. Thank you so much for your participation! Contact us for more information. Donations to the C.G. Jung Society, Seattle, are tax deductible, as the Society is recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.

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