Volunteer Opportunities

The Society operates entirely on volunteer energy. Its active members produce our events and keep our library in fine form. Members of the board, who are also volunteers, plan and coordinate activities with the help of a cadre of community members.

All are invited to participate in the functions of our society. In addition to opportunities at our events and in our library, there are many supporting roles to play, including opportunities to help with our outreach, membership, and programming efforts.

Volunteer at Our Events—Anyone, Especially Students, Wanted!

We're looking for college and university students who want to attend our lectures but don't always have the leeway in their budget to do so. We know. We've been there!

The Society offers volunteer-work-in-trade for lecture fees. We neen a cadre of volunteers to sign up in advance to assist at our scheduled events. Students of all academic disciplines are invited to consider this opportunity.

Event volunteer teams assist with room set up, hospitality, registration support, audio-visual tech support, staffing information, book sales, and clean up. Training is provided as needed. Assistance is also needed with outreach and publicity in advance of each event for volunteers who have the relevant skills.

Volunteer in the Library

We have a limited number of positions available for those interested in working in our library. If you would enjoy spending time in our extensive library, assisting with this important work, your assistance would be most appreciated.

How You Can Participate

Please consider donating your time. Volunteering for the Society is rewarding—it provides access to our rich library resources, our annual program of events, and our community. Please contact us to discuss specific current opportunities.
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