C.G. Jung Society, Seattle

C.G. Jung Society, Seattle, is a non-profit educational corporation formed to promote public interest in and understanding of Jung's analytical psychology and the current use of Jungian concepts by contemporary thinkers.

Please check out our schedule of upcoming lectures and workshops by locally- and nationally-known presenters!

Our Annual Program of Events

Our annual program of events includes nine monthly lectures and workshops, as well as seminars and study groups, including a summer workshop series exploring Jungian topics. Our presenters include both locally- and nationally-known Jungian scholars. CEUs are available for counseling professionals needing continuing education credit, and our events are, for the most part, intended for the general public.

Our Library

Our reference library, the Nancy Alvord Library, contains more than 1,500 volumes on psychology, religion, philosophy, symbolism, and cultural anthropology. The library includes the Kate Millard Memorial Collection of rare and out-of-print works by Jung and Jungians; major depth psychology books and periodicals; and over 40 years of lectures presented to the Society, now digitized and available for listening online.

Our Society

Formed in 1973, the Seattle Society is one of many such organizations around the world. We are an all-volunteer organization which thrives on the efforts of community members who share a passion for the insights of depth psychology.

Membership is open to anyone interested in learning about Jungian thought, and as part of our annual program of events, we offer occasional introductory seminars that are free to members. To learn about other benefits of membership, please see “Member Benefits”.

C.G. Jung Society, Seattle, is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) nonprofit educational corporation. Our operations are supported by donations and membership dues. To learn about ways to give, please see “Support Our Work”.

How You Can Get Involved

Please consider supporting our worthwhile work by joining our email list, following us on Facebook or Linked In, attending one of our upcoming events, becoming a member, volunteering your time, and/or making a donation. Thank you.

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